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The Importance of Estate Planning for Non-Married Couples
March 28, 2018

With the number of couples choosing to forgo marriage increasing, estate planning has become even [...]
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Digital Assets: What Your Estate Plan May Be Missing
December 3, 2017

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – For most Americans, it’s hard to go even one day without [...]
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Dying Intestate Could Result in a Lower Fair Market Value for Your Property
September 8, 2017

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – There are many risks associated with dying intestate (dying [...]
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Estate Planning for Second Marriages
July 27, 2017

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – While a second marriage may feel like a fresh start for many [...]
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The Caregiver Advise, Record, and Enable (CARE) Act
November 19, 2017

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – Currently, following the discharge of a family member from the [...]
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Alternatives to Guardianship
July 13, 2017

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – Legal guardianship is a fiduciary relationship created between a [...]
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Applying For Medicaid To Pay For Nursing Home Care
July 21, 2016 - by Wendell Walsh

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – Many people 65 and over who need nursing home care wind up [...]
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