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Protecting Your Brand
November 27, 2017
by Jennifer ElBenni


A strong name or logo can be one of your company’s most valuable assets. Your brand is your identity, and it is worth protecting. Establishing intellectual property safeguards, such as a federal trademark registration, is a critical step in protecting your brand.

A trademark can be a name, slogan, or logo that identifies and distinguishes your goods from those of your competitors.   Although federal registration of a trademark is not mandatory, there are numerous benefits. Registering your trademark not only provides nationwide notice of the ownership of your mark, but it can also serve to protect and discourage other competing companies from using confusingly similar names or designs.

In the event a competitor infringes on your company’s trademark rights, a federal registration will provide your company with greater remedies. Your company will have the right to sue for infringement in federal courts, and the opportunity to seek an injunction and monetary relief, which in some cases, can even include treble damages and attorneys’ fees.

A trademark application is considerably less expensive than a patent application, and unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks are not limited to a set term of years, but can potentially be continually renewed.

The benefits of a federal trademark registration could be an invaluable next step in protecting your company’s brand.

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