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Personal Injury

May Oberfell Lorber has extensive experience handling some of the most complex personal injury and wrongful death cases in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.

We develop a personal relationship with you and stay “in the trenches” every step of the way.

We have obtained judgments or achieved settlements for our clients in some of Michiana’s most significant cases. Clients value our strong and aggressive representation, coupled with our subtle, yet direct approach.


Our experience includes

  • Electrocutions  +
    • An out-of-court settlement was reached just before trial on behalf of the family of a man who was electrocuted while making repairs in a large manufacturing facility. The case required us to prove that personnel at the manufacturing plant had created a hazardous condition of which the man was unaware and which resulted in his death.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries  +
    • The firm obtained a verdict against the negligent driver of an automobile who struck an attorney. The man sustained a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident and was unable to continue to earn a living in his chosen profession after the accident similar to what he had become accustomed during the healthy days of his working career.

  • Faulty Installation of Equipment  +
    • A recent case involved the faulty installation of a new furnace in a home that had sustained extensive damage from a fire. The furnace was not properly vented upon installation during the rehab of the home and the family that returned to the home experienced serious and long-term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Litigation was instituted against the contractor who installed the furnace and a settlement was reached prior to trial.

  • Gas Explosions / Fireworks  +
    • During a Fourth of July celebration, a young man lost an eye when a defective firework exploded prematurely. He endured several surgeries to repair the damage and had great difficulty, due to his growth, with the fitting of his prosthetic eye as well. A settlement with several of the defendants allowed for a successful conclusion of the case.

  • Truck Accidents  +
    • We successfully concluded litigation with excellent results in several accident cases involving semi-trucks. One accident concerned the death of a young woman and two children on the Indiana Toll Road when the van in which they were riding crossed the median and was struck by a truck traveling in the opposite direction. In another, when a trucker ran a red light, the ensuing collision resulted in significant facial and bodily injuries to a young man and his fiancée. Another accident involved a young man who was killed by a speeding truck driver who struck the boy’s vehicle near an intersection.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents  +
    • One case involved a young woman who sustained head and back injuries when she was run over by a truck as a result of an altercation at an outdoor party. An intoxicated young man in a pickup truck struck our client, tearing off a large portion of her scalp, fracturing her eye socket, and injuring her back. A substantial judgment was granted by the trial court.

      A settlement was reached in another case in which a woman, on her way to work in the early morning hours, struck two horses that had broken free from their gated pasture and wandered into the middle of the road. After hitting the horses, her car then struck a tree, causing severe facial and sinus injuries to our client. She underwent several surgeries to repair the damage and still suffers today from vision difficulties and pain in her sinus area as a result of the accident.

Our firm presents a yearly scholarship to a Notre Dame Law School student in their final year.

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